6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Wall Mounting Your TV

6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Wall Mounting Your TV

Posted on November 6th, 2022

Have you been thinking of mounting your TV but can’t decide whether it’s worth it? Don’t put off the decision any longer; many great reasons why a mounted TV is a way to go.

Wall-mounted TVs save space and eliminate clusters of cables littering the ground. You don’t have to worry about kids or pets running around and accidentally knocking over the TV. On top of all that, brackets can be much cheaper than purchasing a new TV stand.

Although mounting a TV comes with many benefits, there are some disadvantages to it. Let’s look at the pros and cons of mounting your TV to the wall and find out which arrangement suits your situation the best.

Key Benefits of Mounting Your TV to the Wall

With TV consistently getting slimmer and lighter, the installation options are changing too. Today, many homes feature wall-mounted TV setups, and there are plenty of reasons why this arrangement is so popular.

1. Keep Your Space Tidy

One of the realities of living in an apartment or a small house is having limited space. And packing your place with tons of furniture only makes it feel even more cramped. In such a case, getting a TV stand or an extra table for the TV will only crowd it even further.

Fortunately, mounting a TV to the wall helps address these problems. All you have to do is fix the TV on the wall using the bracket, and you won’t lose any foot space.

2. Mounts Are Less Expensive

Do you know how much a table or a TV stand costs? And on top of the price, finding the right one for your home can be a challenge.

Spending tons on additional furniture is an unnecessary step to take. On the other hand, a mounting bracket often comes along with your new TV. And fancier options, such as the ones that are adjustable, aren’t too expensive either.

3. It’s Good for Your Eyes

Do you ever feel it’s difficult to enjoy your TV during the day because of sunlight getting through the window and reflecting off your screen? This is a very common problem that we all experience at one time or another. And it’s bad for your eyes.

A TV placed on a table might not offer you many solutions to this issue. However, using a full-motion TV bracket or even the one with a tilting feature can help a lot.

You can simply adjust the angle of your TV panel to get rid of the unwanted reflection on the screen. This way, you can avoid the sunlight and take care of your eyes at the same time.

4. Mounts Are Safer for Kids and Pets

Do you have kids or pets in your house? If yes, leaving your TV on a table or a stand might be a lot riskier than you think.

A TV can always get in the way of your children or pet while they’re playing or running around. Since TVs are getting lighter and thinner, pushing them over doesn’t take much force.

And the accident isn’t just dangerous for your TV screen but your kids and pets too. That’s why mounting the TV on the wall is an ideal option for ensuring the safety of your loved ones (and your TV).

5. Mounts are Good for Your Back

While watching TV or sitting in front of a computer, we often forget to think about our back. But in the long run, this can cause us severe health issues.  

It would help if you always position your screen at the right height depending on the distance of your sitting arrangement from the TV. This will help keep your back safe and stress-free.

Plus, if you have a full-motion TV bracket, you can move the angle of your screen as needed. This will give you the flexibility to enjoy movies and shows with the utmost comfort.

6. Less Clutter

If you love the minimalistic look, mounting your TV is undoubtedly the best choice you can opt for.

Furthermore, you can use wall cavities to run your cables behind the scenes when wall mounting your TV. You can attain a more fresh and mess-free look for your room while minimizing visual clutter.

Plus, no loose cables means no tripping on loose cables. Isn’t that a win-win deal?

How Much Does It Cost to Mount a TV on the Wall?

Depending on the model of your TV mount (on Amazon), you can expect to spend anywhere from $50 to $150. Additional costs could be necessary if you’re mounting the TV into certain materials like stone, brick, etc.

You can choose between hourly and fixed rates for the installation. The hourly rate will be the same regardless of your TV size and mounting needs. Fixed rates will vary as per your situation. A lot of factors will come into play, such as bracket style and TV size.

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